About F&H



This site has been set up in the hope of drawing together some of the best historical writing about football and to offer a space for anyone who would like to contribute (hopefully, high quality) writing about the game. By high quality, I don’t mean “academic” or particularly serious, just interesting and well-written.

My own writing is generally either about my club, Ipswich Town, or wider themes such as fan ownership. I would very much welcome contributions about the history of all clubs, at whatever level, and from any country. Please send ideas to editor@footballandhistory.co.uk.

About me

I write about social history generally and in some ways this site is an attempt to separate out my writing about football from the rest. I have an MA in Literature, History and Culture from the University of Southampton (2001) and I’ve been published in a variety of journals. My book, Ipswich Town: A History was published by Amberley Press in 2013. I am part of an Ipswich Town writers’ collective, Turnstile Blues, which publishes a fanzine of which I edited Issue 1 and will be editing Issue 6. I also manage our website turnstile-blues.co.uk. I have also contributed to the excellent The Two Unfortunates site: ¬†thetwounfortunates.com among others.

My non-football blogging site is thosewhowillnotbedrowned.wordpress.com.

On Twitter I go by the sobriquet @susan1878.


This site will be absolutely committed to equality and opposed to any form of discrimination or the language of hatred. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, this is not the place for you.


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